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Face-to-face online language lessons for business professionals

Get rapid results with personalized programs
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Language is the key to success for your international business

Trusted by hundreds of companies across the world for their language learning needs, as we understand the benefits of communicating in a native language.
Where it works
Strengthen your international position by connecting with local clients and partners.
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Increase your customers' satisfaction by serving them in their native language.
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Productivity &
Facilitate communication of globally dispersed teams with a shared language.
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Talent development & retention Develop and retain the best talents, strengthening their language skills.
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Market Expansion

Business has always been about building relationships through good communication. In today's global economy communicating with clients, customers and international partners in their native language gives you the competitive edge.
The vast majority of executives believe that cultural factors or differences such as language and local customs strongly hampers their company's plans for international expansion.
The Economist How cultural and communication barriers affect business
Whether you are a global company with an existing international team or a regional company looking to expand across new territories, mYngle will improve your employees' language proficiency, allowing them to communicate towards hitting that target growth!
With a portfolio of 45 languages, mYngle can cover all of your language training needs, teaching your international executives not only to be multilingual but also cross-culturally competent, so that they are able to truly understand the local markets and succeed in their international assignments.

Customer experience

While with corporate clients it is all about building lasting relationships, with consumers is all about making the right impression with your customer. Service industries with multilingual staff who can communicate in native languages have a direct impact on overall customer satisfaction.
1.3% increase or decrease in Customer Satisfaction scores results in 0.5% increase or decrease in sales.
Harvard Business Review - The Employee-Customer- Profit Chain
mYngle can help you improve service and support for your increasingly multicultural and international customers, by empowering staff to speak in the client's native language. The benefits are many, customers feel welcomed when using their native language & problems are resolved quicker.
At mYngle we can not only train your employees towards a specific style of service language, we can also offer accent reduction & cultural awareness for the markets you operate in.

Productivity & Collaboration

Investing in staff language development has a direct & positive effect on skill sharing across regional & international offices. Sharing a common language results in clearer communication, creating higher productivity & furthers collaboration.
55% of executives believe that cross border communication can improve revenues and margin
The Economist - How cultural and communication barriers affect business
With mYngle you can overcome barriers between globally distributed and linguistically diverse employees, with a centralized language training solution accessible from any location in the world.
Our method is practical and goal-oriented, focusing on rapidly building (business) communication skills and practicing on topics that are immediately applicable. This way your employees can gain more confidence and take an active role in business discussions and execution of complex tasks.

Talent Development & Retention

Developing global leadership & talent through language not only prepares your company for the future, but helps you maintain employee satisfaction & retention.
Nearly 25% of all employees leave their jobs because the position lacks opportunity for development and training. top-10-e-learning-statistics -for-2014-you-need-to-know
mYngle’s experience in numerous companies has shown, first hand, that language truly does strengthen Company culture. You can recruit and develop the best talents, both from abroad and locally, independently from the language they speak, and improve their language skills when you need them.
With mYngle you can provide your workforce with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our programs help develop your global leadership with personalized training that includes specific skills set and knowledge, so that they can succeed in a global setting.


Business services High tech Chemicals, Pharma, Biotech Market services Travel & Hospitality Medical Equipment Financial services High end consumer brands Machinery & Appliances
Language lies at the heart of international business activities. Journal of International Business Studies
Why it works
Reach goals Face-to-face online coaching keeps employees motivated to study long term.
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Rapid progress Relevant topics & continuous practice build confidence in a new language.
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On Demand Flexible scheduling
fits even the
busiest agendas.
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Track ROI Complete overview
of results & full control
of budget.
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Face-to-Face coaching maintains motivation


Successfully learning a foreign language requires regular study and commitment.

Our coaches are selected & trained to understand your professional needs.

Live audio and video connection with our coaches ensures lessons can be interesting, easily followed and understood.

From initial assessment through each lesson, we provide detailed written feedback.

This continued support helps employees stay motivated & reach their goals.

Private lessons with relevant topics and active practice


Private lessons are the most effective way to achieve great results in a short amount of time.

The key to steady and rapid progress is by learners communicating & building on real topics, relevant to them.

Learners have an active role during their lesson, prompted to speak as much as possible, from day one, also for a completely new language.

Employees learn best when they have a chance to use the information during and immediately after the training.

In essence, the process of remembering by connecting the active use of individual language skills with real topics.

Flexible scheduling for the busiest agendas


For business professionals, time is their most valuable and scarce resource.

The mYngle network of coaches are available 24/7 regardless of your location.

Employees can schedule lessons during office hours, evenings/weekends, even when travelling across time zones.

With our easy system, you can book or reschedule up to 2 hours before a lesson is due to commence.

Every lesson is independent of time & location. The user only needs a computer, a headset and internet connection.

Complete overview & budget control


When compared to other methods of learning languages, mYngle's face-to-face online system achieves the best results.

Whether your employees work in the same office or in multiple locations & languages, we simply use one centralized global platform.

By logging into a special section on the website for HR managers (LMS manager), you can track attendance, lessons remaining, compare employee progress, all in real time.

With our transparent pricing structure – and no hidden costs - you can manage, control & adapt your budgets.

A complete overview to easily track your ROI.


Proven method Effective learning process incorporating industry topics & building employees' skills.
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Tailored courses Extensive content from a wide range of recognized publishers, tailored to individual needs.
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Selected Coaches Experienced professional native-speaking coaches, to deliver the best online learning experience.
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Clear Process Transparent and controlled training process, from initial assessment to final results.
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Communicative approach with relevant content and skills


Our effective language learning process incorporates industry topics which build employees' skills.

We know that the key to steady and rapid progress in a target language is by communicating & building on real topics relevant to daily use.

Our approach focuses on the needs of the learners and the connection between the language and its use in real situations.

The emphasis during our lessons is on learning to communicate through interaction in the target language.

Wide range of courses tailored to individual needs


Using the most recognized language proficiency scale in the world, we offer a wide range of courses selected from the best publishers.

General Language

45 language courses offered across all skill levels. Use the self evaluation test to establish skill levels from basic to proficient user.

Corporate Specific

Business, Functional and Industry specific programs, that include corporate vocabulary or training of specific skills sets such as presentations, meetings, negotiation...

Specialized programs

Focus on particular needs such as Pronunciation and Accent Training, Exam Preparation, Writing, Conversation & Fluency.

Self Evaluation - Language Levels and Skills

Coach selection & continuous monitoring


Our global network of professional language coaches, are selected based on their experience, online teaching skills & qualifications.

In order to offer the most effective online learning experience, we rigorously select, test & train our coaches:

  • Native speakers of target language
  • TEFL CELTA Certified Foreign language teachers (or comparable degree)
  • 5+ years full time teaching in adult education
  • Business knowledge /experience in key business sectors
  • Experience with virtual environments & tools.
  • Extensive training in Education, Technology, Customer Orientation
  • On-going quality control, with learners’ feedback after each lesson and regular client satisfaction measurement
Jean Dubois French 12 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE
DAEFLE Certified
Has spent significant time in multinational business environment, teaches Business Communication and Cultural Awareness.
Anne Rimann German 9 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE
DAF Certified
Teaches General and Business German from A1-C2 as well as exam preparation for adults (DAF, BULAT…)
Robert Fairchild English 11 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE
CELTA Certified
Coaches clients for presentations, negotiations, meetings and teleconferencing communication.

Transparent and controlled training process


mYngle's customized teaching approach starts with an in-depth assessment, which always includes a live session with one of mYngle assessors. We pay particular attention to the learner’s communication skills. Based on this, we shape & create the personalized training program.

Regular feedback from the coach, monthly progress reports and extensive attendance reports, an LMS manager updated in real-time.

Learner satisfaction survey during and at the end of the course, plus an achievement report is issued at the end of the program to compare results with initial plan.


Over Myngle

History From our beginning, we have always strived to improve and innovate, setting the steps that make us different. This is hidden text to load the font for the graph
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Founder mYngle’s founder comes from business and understands the benefits of communicating in a foreign language.
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Corporate Values We want to change the traditional world of education by delivering a truly customer oriented solution.
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Founder and CEO

With more than 20 years experience as an international manager, Marina knows the benefits of communicating in a native language.

Before mYngle, Marina had professional experience in consumer marketing, business and product development by Procter & Gamble, Philips, Sara Lee; strategy consulting by The Boston Consulting Group and internet technology at eBay. She holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Having lived in numerous countries & speaking 6 languages herself, she knows first hand, the difficulties you face when learning a new language & culture. Which is why she came up with the idea to start mYngle.

Marina received many international recognitions for her contribution as a woman in technology, as the 50 most inspiring women tech leaders in Europe.

mYngle was one of the pioneers in virtual (language) training. Now COVID has completely changed the world as we know it. Online learning is now an intrinsic part of the new normal, and mYngle a part of it.

Corporate Values
Customer centric
Everything we do revolves around our customer’s needs, we listen, learn and act on their feedback. For every decision we make, we ask ourselves: what’s valuable for our customers?
We will ALWAYS find a way to deliver, “Yes we can!” is our motto. We measure our success with results you achieve.
Every encounter you have with us, should be a high quality experience. We continuously question ourselves on what can be improved for a total customer satisfaction.
Rethinking education is a constant process that comes from listening carefully to our clients and acting on that.
We stimulate employees to act like owners and we empower them to live up to their full potential.
Our multicultural and cross-continent working environment is a reflection of how we see the world.


Face-to-face or online, in small teams or at larger scales, with top tier coaches whenever and wherever is best for you. Your potential leaders can join sessions from anywhere in the world, because they deserve the best training, no matter where they are. MYNGLE ensures the result.
Training can be delivered online, and also live on-site.
The Essentials. For your high potentials Eight courses to develop different skill sets that are essential to the leader of today. Effective and powerful, in a dynamic, emotionally engaging class, with strong and ready-to-use tools, where each single step has been specifically designed to generate awareness and action.
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Signatures series. For real, concrete innovation Signature paths are experiences to bring real change at company level. Tailored to your needs and circumstances, starting from a blank sheet. Challenging and not for everyone. But: if you are ready for the real change, then the MYNGLE Signature series are for you.
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The Essentials


Influence - Communication

Synergy - Teambuilding

Leadership - Leadership skills

Lemon sell - Sales skills

Negotiate - Negotiation

Impact - Public speaking

In time - Time management

Solution - Problem solving

Online: 2/4/6 X 4 hours modules (on consecutive or alternating days)
Live on-site: 1/2/3 days
Costs: please fill out the form or mail to [email protected]

The Signature training


Evolution - A cultural change in people

Focus - Where focus goes, energy flows

Qbic - Squaring the circle, think outside the box, create new perspectives

Debate - Change one’s perspective

Academy - New ways of corporate social responsibility, interacting with universities and students

Online: adjusted to needs
In-person: adjusted to needs
Costs: please fill out the form or mail to [email protected]


MYNGLE is No1 in live online language lessons. We developed the highest quality live virtual classes more than a decade before the coronavirus outbreak.

Now we have used our competitive edge to create personalized online
leadership and team building training. The results of the training are the same
as if it were conducted face-to-face on-site.


We offer team building experiences to motivate and unite your teams. Your team can be in different countries, but they can join online training anytime, anywhere. We used our online expertise to offer new interactive and practical team building training to make your teams better.
Trainings can be delivered online, and also live on-site.
Twist your brain Mental & communication skills.
How to work and co-operate online.
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Find solutions Creative & collaboration skills.
Get to know each other, co-operate intensely.
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New energy Thrills & skills, shake up your team.
Refresh the spirit of your team.
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Together Don't go solo, help & support.
Reboot acceptance of each other.
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Ice-breaker Powerful kick-off for new teams.
Great start of a new project team.
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Mental & communication skills


Thinking out of the box is the only way out.
If the challenges in Find Solutions were intriguing, here you will find the next level.
Challenges of all kinds, from logical questions to never-before-seen puzzles, will be what you will face to demonstrate the strength and cohesion of your team.
Lateral thinking, problem anticipation, decision making are only a fraction of the skills being trained.

Online: 1 to 3.5 hours
Live on-site: 1 to 3.5 hours
Costs: please fill out the form or mail to [email protected]

Creative & Collaboration skills


A solution focused team is essential to remain competitive in today's day and age.
Thus, it is important to nurture and challenge your team's resolving spirit periodically.
The challenges will tickle different areas of intelligence. From logic to emotional intelligence.
A good opportunity to show off skills already in place, and a great opportunity to learn and enhance some new ones.

Online: 2 to 2.5 hours
Live on-site: 1 to 3 hours
Costs: please fill out the form or mail to [email protected]

Thrills & skills, shake up your team


Dynamism is the keyword here.
Remote or live, teams will be engaged in highly dynamic and fun activities.
They might be roaming around the world virtually or hunting hidden treasures around the city: no way in these experiences to be inactive.
A new energy lymph will spread through the whole group.
Great as a break during long meetings or as stand-alone teambuilding that shakes up the team.

Online: 1 to 2 hours
Live on-site: 30 min to 4 hours
Costs: please fill out the form or mail to [email protected]

Don't go solo, help & support


The Power of many as the Power of one.
If you are looking for an activity that can best represent the previous sentence in action, this category is for you.
Teams are faced with different challenges where at the end they can triumph only collaborating with each other.
Each member puts his or her talents at the service of the common goal. Together they reach milestones that could have never been reached individually.

Online: 30 min to 2.5 hours
Live on-site: 30 min to 4 hours
Costs: please fill out the form or mail to [email protected]

Powerful kick-off


A name, an agenda.
Here you will find exactly what's in the title: ice breakers and energizers.
It might be at the beginning to loosen the tension before introducing another activity or a speech, or it might be in the middle to energize everyone, here you will find something that fits your agenda.
An occasion that also fosters participants to get to know each other, in a better way, and sometimes from new points of view.

Online: 15 min to 2 hours
Live on-site: 30 min to 3.5 hours
Costs: please fill out the form or mail to [email protected]


MYNGLE is No1 in live online language lessons. We developed the highest quality live virtual classes more than a decade before the coronavirus outbreak.

Now we have used our competitive edge to create personalized online
leadership and team building training. The results of the training are the same
as if it were conducted face-to-face on-site.